Grass Fed Beef Vancouver

Grass Fed Beef Vancouver

Looking for a reliable source of healthy, grass-fed beef? Tango’s Meats has you covered.

Tango’s carries Grass-Fed Beef exclusively from Top of the Mountain Meats, offering a great alternative to grain-fed meat to people in the Vancouver area.

The Top of the Mountain Meats Ranch is located near Elkwater, Alberta. At present, the land is certified organic by Ecocert. There are no growth hormones or other needless injections. The cattle are allowed to roam the land in a natural way that is beneficial both to the cattle and to the sustainability of the land.

- Nathan Manning, Owner of Top Of The Mountain Meats, Grass-Fed Beef

At Tango's Meats we believe that animals should be free range, that citizens deserve to know where their meat is coming from and be confident that their meat has not been exposed to harmful chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.

The Cleanest and Most Nutritional Kind of Beef Available.

Top of the Mountain Meats raises only 100% grass-fed Alberta beef, the cleanest and most nutritional kind of beef available. Their beef is wet-aged for 14 days and cut fresh in-store daily by a trained meat cutter.

Tango’s Meats offers other healthy meats such as free run specialty chicken, free range lamb, and pork raised locally in the Fraser Valley of BC.

Tango’s Gourmet Meats has been operating on 865 Denman Street in Vancouver’s West End since 2002.

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