Butcher Shop In Vancouver

Butcher Shop in Vancouver

Gourmet Meats

1. Your Local Butcher

Tango’s Meats has been operating on Denman Street in the West End, Vancouver, since 2002. A staple of the neighbourhood, we offer a wide variety of local and fresh free range and grass-fed meats, deli meats and imported cheeses.

2. Trained Meat Cutters

With trained meat cutters in store 7 days a week, we strive to sell the freshest quality products we can. From custom cuts to everyday products we will do our best to meet your needs.

For health conscious individuals who are tired of buying meat from the grocery store, whose sources are often less than clear, Tango’s is the perfect option.

By choosing to buy from local farmers, you can benefit from learning more about their farming practices and be confident in knowing what is going into the food that you are eating and serving to your friends and family.

Here are five reasons to start shopping at Tango’s Meats:

3. Experience

Tango’s Gourmet Meats has been a neighborhood staple in Vancouver since 2002. We have a variety of mouthwatering Entertaining To Go items such as imported cheeses, platters, ready-to-eat items and custom cuts to suit all your needs.

View our Beef Cuts Guide to pick the right cut on your next visit or ask one of our Butchers.

4. Location

Tango’s Meats is located on Denman Street, in Vancouver’s West End. Denman Street is a major road near Stanley Park with a lot of great shops and restaurants. It is a great area for walking and exploring, and why not pick up some high-quality meats and cheeses along the way?

5. Variety

Tango’s Meats offers a wide range of fresh, locally sourced meats and imported cheeses. Customers can purchase pork raised locally in Fraser Valley, BC as well as specialty free run chicken that is raised without the use of animal by-products or hormones. Tango’s also carries nutritious, 100% grass-fed beef from Top of the Mountain Meats and free range lamb imported mainly from the Opal Valley in Australia.

Tango’s offers customers even more options with their best-selling combo packs, which offer even more variety at great prices. A few of these include the Steak Lovers Combo, Turf Combo, Marinated Combo, and Tango’s Gourmet Pack.

6. Free Range and Grass-Fed Meats

Tango’s Gourmet Meats not only offers a wide selection of products, but customers can be happy to know that the meat products that they purchase here are raised cruelty-free and have health benefits that you don’t find in most meats purchased in the grocery store.

Health Benefits

Grass-fed beef is known for being lower in overall fat and harmful saturated fats. It is also higher in Vitamin E, CLA, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Animal Welfare

Grass-fed and free range animals are raised with more access to the outdoors. These animals benefit from a more natural diet and their living conditions are cleaner and less crowded.

7. Supporting the Local Economy and Environment

Buying from Tango’s Meats is a great choice for conscientious consumers who want to support the local economy. Since most of their products are raised and produced locally, buying these products also reduces the environmental impact of shipping products across long distances.

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