You Are What You Eat?

  Posted:7 months ago

grass-fed beef

Cattle were always meant to eat grass, not grains, so what the heck is going on?

Traditionally, cows could roam free and eat grass, and it was a great relationship. The grass provided cows with a diet that was healthy and natural, and the cows helped keep weeds at bay and helped the grass continue to grow.

Growing demand for beef led to the discovery that grains could be used to speed up the fattening process and get meat to market sooner. This discovery is what lead to grain-fed beef as we know it today.

Even though grain solves the demand problem, it has created a lot of other problems as a result. Grass is sustainable and healthy for cows, whereas feedlots keep cows in poor conditions and feed them an unnatural and unhealthy diet.

As a result, cows in feedlots are given antibiotics to stay healthy in unsanitary conditions and hormones to help them grow even faster. What do we get as a result? Less healthy and inferior tasting meat.

Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Meats

Luckily for the health-conscious meat eater, many people have begun to document the health differences between grain-fed and grass-fed meat:

Go ahead - indulge, meat lover!

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